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Snowboarding: First Jump




Learning how to go off a jump will add to your repertoire for snowboarding. The more you can do on a snowboard, the more fun you will have riding. Cruising down the mountain will always be exciting, but hitting a few jumps down the run adds a little adrenaline to the mix.

After you feel like you’ve mastered the 8 steps of snowboarding, you should feel very confident in your riding. You may want to start hitting jumps, doings 360’s, and grinding rails. It’s extremely hard to teach yourself how to do park terrain. Even reading up online and watching endless videos won’t prepare for what lies ahead. It’s important that you go slow and I personally recommend getting and instructor to teach you proper techniques. If you want to teach yourself, I suggest going to Northstar’s progression park and hitting there beginner jumps and rails for a whole season. After spending a whole season hitting there smaller jumps you should be ready to tackle Northstar’s stash, and intermediate park.

The first thing to start practicing is what snowboarders like to call, “popping” which is basically our version of jumping off the ground with your snowboard. Popping is basically what an ollie is in skateboarding,except you have both feet strapped to your board. You can practice popping by laying your snowboard on a flat surface, strapping both feet in, and springing up off the ground with both feet. You should be able to get a little bit of air then land back down. Once you feel comfortable doing this, you can try doing it when you’re going down the mountain. When you pop during your run, you should try slowing down on your edge, straightening your board, and then popping with both feet. Make sure you keep board straight, don’t try to turn. Then land flat on your board, and turn onto your edge. When you feel comfortable popping, try to jump over stuff. A few things you can jump over  are sticks, rocks, and piles of snow. This will help you in jumping higher by compressing your knees to your chest and allowing you to pop higher.

After you feel that you’ve mastered “popping”, you can then try your first jump. Find a small jump at the park and try going off it without popping. You should practice turning on your edge, flattening your board, and hitting the jump perfectly straight. A lot of new riders will simply default to a heel side edge as they approach a jump and there is no need for this. If you go slow, you can simply slide of the jump and land back down. Practice sliding off the jump a few times, you should get a little bit of air and then touch back down. Once you feel comfortable doing this, then you can add a pop to your jump. As you approach the tip of the jump, simply spring up with both feet and you should pop off the jump. You should feel a lot more hang time in the air when you pop this time.

The important thing to remember when jumping, is to always keep your board straight. If your board is not straight, then you will land on your edge, and hurt yourself. Practice hitting these small jumps every time you go up the mountain.

This video below,brought to you by the SnowProfessor will demonstrate how to land your first jump and give you helpful tips in practicing your popping.

Final Note: Check back here, where I’ll teach you more about learning how to snowboard!


An Unexpected Journey





I’m just 1 of the 225,000 residents living in the biggest little city in the world. I use to hate this place growing up, but now that I’ve lived here for the past 22 years of my life, it will always be home. I’m not sure how many people in Reno snowboard at the moment,  but I’m hoping to increase that number. My snowboard blog is intended to take you down an unexpected journey to hopefully influence you to give snowboarding a shot. My blog will show you how to snowboard, where to find snowboard gear, and the best ski resorts to shred in my hometown of Reno, Nevada.

The beginning of our unexpected journey starts with finding the best place in Reno to find snowboard gear. It’s important to rent gear first because it gives you a chance to try the sport out without having to buy expensive gear right out the gate. The best place in Reno to rent your snowboard gear is BoBo’s Mogul Mouse located at 475 E Moana Ln.


I’ve been going to this place since I started snowboarding 10 years ago and they’re hands down the best place in Reno to rent and buy snowboard gear. As soon as you walk in the door, there is always someone there to assist you and help you find what you need. When you walk in ask the person at the front desk that you’re looking to rent/buy:

  1. Snowboard
  2. Snowboard Boots
  3. Snow Goggles
  4. Jacket/Pants/Gloves/Beanie/Helmet

The person at the front desk should direct you in the right direction, so you can get all the gear you need. Renting a snowboard is rather easy, just ask the person helping you for an all-mountain snowboard that is somewhat equal to your height. All-mountain snowboards can be used anywhere on the mountain groomed runs, back country, and even park. If your looking to only ride park you would get a free-style board, but you should learn the basics of snowboarding first on an all-mountain board before upgrading.

Renting your snowboard  boots will probably be the most difficult  part when beginning your unexpected journey. It will be close to impossible to find rental boots that fit you perfectly the first time. You should rent boots that are about a size to a half size smaller than the shoes you are wearing. You want your snowboard boots to feel snug and you do not want your feet moving around. You may be asking yourself what’s so hard about renting snowboard boots? The hard part about renting boots is that it’s nearly impossible to know if your snowboard boots will feel the same when you start using them. Your rental boots may feel good in the store, but when you start using them up on the mountain they might not  feel right. This will cause you to have a miserable day and you won’t be able to switch out the boots till you go back to the store. It’s kind of a guess and check type of game to find the right boots for you. You might be able to reserve the boots at the store, so you can rent the same boots every time you go. If you feel like snowboarding is your thing, I would recommend buying your own snowboard boots and breaking them in, so you can have boots that fit you perfectly every time. A good brand to choose when renting or buying gear is Burton.

Many of the people living in Reno already have jackets, pants, gloves, and beanies for shoveling snow during the winter. These will work just fine for snowboarding,  but you should make sure that they are waterproof or made of nylon to keep water out or you will be drenched and cold after absorbing the snow. I would also encourage you to buy a helmet to prevent the risk of bodily harm from taking a nasty fall, crashing into a tree, or running into another rider.

Once you have all your gear you’re nearly ready for the mountain. Check back here for my next post on the best resorts to shred in Reno! If you scroll down below there’s a link to BoBo’s Mogul Mouse in my blogroll!

The Happiest Place on Earth





Many people have asked me, “What is snowboarding to you?” The answer I always say to them is, “Snowboarding is happiness”. I sometimes like to think about what my life would be like if I didn’t snowboard, but then I remind myself that without snowboarding I would cease to exist.

Life is what we as humans make of it and most of us go about our daily life doing stuff we hate. The majority of us hate waking up throughout the week for work, but it’s the hobbies that we throw ourselves into that make us live for the weekend. I hate waking up Monday morning for work, but I know that come Friday I’ll be up on the mountain doing what I love to do. It’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest and if we can’t find something that we enjoy, then we will be missing out the essence of life and only focusing on the things that control us like work and school.

My attraction to snowboarding is driven by the freedom it gives you to finally escape from reality. When you strap in for that very first run of the day, you can feel adrenaline rushing through your entire body and then you realize that with this snowboard the sky is the limit. As soon as you start heading down the mountain you can feel your brain shutoff, you stop thinking about life, and begin to live within the moment. This small moment in time is what I love about snowboarding and without snowboarding I would not be able to live a happy life. This is why I will continue to ride until the day I die.