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How to Snowboard Fresh Powder: Skidded Turns





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My favorite part about snowboarding will always be riding fresh powder. The perfect amount of powder is around 7″ to 20″, because if you get anymore it becomes harder to get out of the powder when you fall down or hit a flat surface. Any less and it’s basically like hitting a groomed run.

Riding powder may seem simple after learning the 8 step of snowboarding, but the techniques you use are completely different. They actually make snowboards specifically designed for riding powder. It really is that amazing, imagine yourself riding on fluffy clouds and that’s the feeling you get riding powder. This doesn’t mean you need go out and buy another snowboard for hitting powder. You can hit powder with just about any snowboard, but you will have to lean back to prevent your front tip from sinking into the fresh snow.

When hitting groomed runs you typically keep you weight equally distributed between both feet. When you start hitting powder, you will distribute around 70% of your weight to your back foot. You can practice this feeling by strapping in at the bottom of the hill and then applying all your weight to your back leg. You will also be using a new type of turn when riding powder, the type of snowboard turn you will use to ride powder are skidded turns.

Skidded turns are used to slow your momentum. You basically make a toe turn and turn your board sideways, so that your board skids down the slope. Then you quickly slide your board into  a heel turn and turn your board sideways. Make these toe turns and heel turns to slow your momentum slightly, you should be able to do these skidded rather quickly. As you practice these, reduce the amount of time between board slides. When your hitting powder with skidded turns, keep your legs bouncy. Don’t try to carve into the snow like groomed runs, instead gently shift your feet and tip your board slightly on it’s edge. You want to glide more on powder and do less carving. It’s basically like going down a groomed run in slow motion, make all the motions subtle.

Never slow down in powder. You always want to keep your momentum up. Remember that when you fall in powder you simply fall on fluffy snow, not some hard compact ice. It’s okay to go faster on powder because you won’t hurt as bad when you fall. Some people even find it fun to pick up speed and throw themselves into the powder. Snowboarding in deep powder will greatly reduce your speed, so when you go down the steep part of the mountain you want to pick up momentum enough momemtum to get you across flat surfaces. If you don’t make across the flat surface. A good technique is to unstrap your boots from your board and lay your body flat on the snowboard. Then pretend like your surfing along the top of the powder. Push yourself across the flat surface. GO SLOW, if you pick up speed doing this technique you could send your board flying down the mountain.  As you approach a flat surface, lean back, and let your board simply straight glide across the flat surface. Remember to keep you knees light and take wider skidded turns on steep slopes filled with powder to slow your momentum. Once you get the hang of riding powder, you’ll want to make sure you get up early when a snow storm hits the mountain, so you can make first tracks in the snow.

The video below brought to you by the SnowProfessor will show you how to hit fresh powder with skidded turns!

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5 Snowboarders Killed in Avalanche





I will dedicate this post to the 5 snowboarders who died yesterday in an avalanche at Loveland Pass in Colorado. A group of 6 snowboarders ventured into an out-of-bounds zone right above Loveland Pass. Loveland Pass is the highest mountain pass in the world that stays open throughout the winter months. Loveland ski resort reported around 41 inches in the area, so conditions were almost perfect for avalanches.

The snowboarders knew of the dangers riding in an out-of-bounds area, but probably felt like the fresh powder at the pass was too perfect to pass up. The snowboarders accidentally triggered a massive avalanche that was 200 yards wide by 400 yards long. Only one of the snowboarders was able to escape the massive avalanche by riding off to the side and out of danger. The other five snowboarders weren’t so lucky and ended up trapped underneath the snow. The one snowboarder who got away was able to alert authority’s on the whereabouts of the other snowboarders. Searchers had to use beacons to locate the five remaining snowboarders, but they had already succumbed to asphyxiation being buried underneath the snow.


This should serve as a reminder that even the most skilled riders can’t escape the powers of mother nature. Riders who seek the thrill of snowboarding should always play it safe and stay in-bounds. The ski resorts label certain places on the mountain out-of-bounds for a reason. Even with the right skills, gear, and experience you can still underestimate the powers of  mother nature.

As a fellow snowboarder, I will have the families of these fallen snowboarders in my thoughts and prayers.

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Snowboard Park: Board Slide





After you master doing 50-50’s on a box, you can then begin doing board slides. Board slides are the best, because their super easy and you get bonus points for style. If your looking to impress a friend, I recommend that you learn to board slide a box.

It’s a simple trick, all you do is pop off the jump, do a sideways turns, land on the box, and then simply slide off. Make sure you dig your edge in a little, and that’s basically all there is to it. You can even practice this in your backyard. Lay your snowboard on the grass and practice popping up with your feet strapped in. Find something like a broom stick with a thin handle and practice popping onto it with a sideways turn. Practice the motions, then go up on the mountain and give it a shot. You may fall a couple times, but eventually you will land it. It’s a great feeling when you finally land a perfect board slide for your first time. BackyardJuly2820120731-064641cfb_5741

I would recommend that you start practicing hitting the box as straight as possible. When you move on to rails, it becomes crucial to have your approach with the rail spot on. There’s little room for error when you start hitting thinner rails. Make sure you can pop straight on the box every time before you move onto harder rails.

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Aspen-Snowmass Mountain




I guess in order to teach you guys about snowboarding. I will actually have to prove I can snowboard. I will be doing that over these next several posts.  In this post, I will be telling you about one of my best snowboarding trips…Aspen Mountain.

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Over winter break, I took a  week vacation to Colorado to visit one of my close friends. I figured we would spend maybe 1 day snowboarding at a local resort, but when I got there he told me his friend has just moved up to Aspen. When people talk about snowboarding in Apsen, it’s basically like a snowboarder’s heaven. The snow stays soft and powdery, because of how cold it is there. People often refer to Aspen as the creme of the crop. It’s one of the most popular places for snowboarders and skiers to visit. The only downside to snowboarding at Aspen is the amount of money you will spend to snowboard there. When my friend told me that we had a free place to stay up in Aspen – we were going up no matter what.

As soon as I got off the plane, got my bags, and meet up with my friend. We were already heading up to Aspen to spend the majority of my trip snowboarding. The only downside was that we needed to be back by Sunday for the Broncos game, but that was at the back of my mind. The weather forecast came on over the radio and they were calling for at least a foot of snow over the weekend. I felt like I either planned my trip perfectly or God was aligning the elements to make this trip one for the books.

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It took us around 8 hours to get from Colorado International Airport all the way up to Aspen. I was exhausted from jet lag and being crammed in a car for 8 hours. We unloaded our stuff and then i passed out, so I could wake up for snowboarding the next day. It snowed around 6 inches that night and we woke up around 7 am to get first tracks. It took us only 20 minutes to get from my friends place up to snowmass mountain. We bought our snowboarding passes, strapped in, and took the chairlift up to the summit. The snow was absolutely amazing, it felt like you were gliding through the air on clouds. We snowboarded for half a day, because we planned to spend 3 more days snowboarding. It seemed like every day got better and better. It seemed like snow fell every night we were there and every day we were the first one’s up, creating first tracks in the untouched powder for other riders.

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I’ll never forget snowboarding in Aspen. It’s something I recommend every serious rider should try at least once in their life. You may spend a lot of money trying to find a place to stay up in Aspen, but it will all be worth it.\

Final Note: Check back here, where I’ll tell you more about my snowboarding adventures.