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Snowboard Park: 50-50 A Box Rail




Before you begin hitting any park terrain…you need to read about Smart Style. One of the first features you should master in the park are fun boxes. Fun boxes are like extra large rails that make it easier for you to learn on. Start out with fun boxes and then gradually work your way to skinnier rails.

The most important thing to remember about rails or boxes, is to always keep your feet flat when your riding on the rail. If you land on the box and apply pressure to one of your edges, your board will slide out from under you. Find a long stick in the woods and practice popping onto this stick as if it were a rail or box. Set yourself up so your board rides straight over it, pop onto the stick, keep your base flat, and maintain good posture. After you feel comfortable doing this, find a basic wide box with a gradual ramp. The best way to learn how to do a 50-50 on a box is to grab a friend and have them pull you onto the box and stop. This allows you to know how the box will feel before you ride over it with momentum. Have your friend push you along the box just so you can get the feeling of moving along the box.

Once you feel comfortable moving along the box slowly with a friend. Head back up the mountain and prepare to hit the box by yourself. As your linking turns, getting closer to the box, set yourself up so hit you hit box perfectly straight. As you go off the ramp, make sure you land flat footed on the box because if you land and go up on your edge you will slide off. Allow your board to just glide over the box and then slightly pop off as you reach the end. As you start to feel comfortable hitting the box, start to pick up more speed. The box should become easier to slide  across. I personally find it best to find one box in the park and practice hitting it for the whole day. Master that one box and then it will become easier to hit harder park terrain.

The crucial part about hitting boxes is to approach the box perfectly straight, land flat footed, and keep your weight centered over the board. The stick is honestly the best way to prepare yourself for a hitting box, so please don’t skip over this part and go straight to hitting the box. Your speed, approach, and landing will always affect any box, rail, or jump you may hit. It’s absolutely crucial to have a firm foundation of the 8 steps for snowboarding, before you start hitting any park terrain.

The video below brought to you by the SnowProfessor will demonstrate how to do a 50-50 on a fun box.

Final Note: Check back here, where I’ll teach how to board slide a fun box!


Snowboard Park: Smart Style





After you’ve mastered hitting jumps and doing 180’s. I’m sure you’ll want to start hitting rails and bigger jumps in the park. Before you rush into the park, start hitting rails, cutting people off, and looking like a fool. It’s important to learn smart style.

Smart style starts with:

  1. Make a Plan of Action – this means that you should know how you are going to hit all the features of the park before you begin. Your speed, approach  and take off will directly affect your overall landing. 
  2. Look before you leap – this means that you should look at the jump before you hit it. Make sure you size up the jump  for speed, distance, and snow condition. Only stop where you can be seen by other riders and if you fall get out of the way in a hurry.
  3. Easy Style It – this means that you should start small and work your way up. Stick to small features and slowly develop your skills. If you try to hit a big jump and fall, you could put an end to your whole season. Wait to you feel absolutely comfortable hitting the small features before you move up to the bigger features.
  4. Respect Deserves Respect – This means that you should have courtesy to your other riders. Wait your turn and alternate when hitting any park terrain. Call your drop out to other riders and always make sure jumps are clear of other riders before you hit it. Also you should use a park feature for it’s intended purpose, so if you can’t hit the rail or the jump then simply avoid it.

It’s important to always have courtesy and common sense when riding in the park. If you act like a fool, then you will likely cause a dangerous collision. Always use smart style in the park and other riders will do the same. If you notice someone in the park not using smart style, take the time to explain the simple 4 rules to them. It will help that rider to stay safe and avoid dangerous collisions.

Check out the best way to handle a collision video below…

Final Note: Check back here, where I’ll teach how to hit your first 50-50 box rail.