Snowboarding: Riding Steeps





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Riding steep terrain can look scary to beginners, but once you get the right technique’s down it all becomes a breeze. The trick to riding steeps is building up your confidence. Riders who are new to riding steep terrain tend to sit back and do side slips on their heel edge till they reach easier terrain. To effectively ride steep terrain riders need to be using agile pivot turns with an athletic stance. These pivot turns will allow you to control your speed and make you look stylish.

The hard part about learning to ride steep terrain is getting your posture right and controlling your speed. You need to use the same exact posture you use on easier terrain, but new riders tend to send back on their boards. Doing this causes your board to fight with the mountain. In stead of side slipping your way down the steep terrain, you should be using quick pivot turns to gradually make your way down the mountain. When using pivot turns on steep terrain, you should be light as you initiate the turn and heavy when you finish it. Imagine lifting your back leg up and pushing it out, and then digging it back in.  When you first start hitting steeper terrain, you’ll feel yourself picking up speed a lot faster. The best way to make it down steep terrain without picking up rapid speed is to make agile pivot turns.

If you feel scared to start doing pivot turns right away on steeps, then try doing skidded turns with a slight side slip in  between. When you feel more comfortable making skidded turns down the mountain, then start to gradually reduce the side slip in between turns. These skidded turns should adequately prepare you for making pivot turns down the steep terrain.

Remember to keep an athletic body stance, control your momentum, and enjoy getting down the mountain.

Final Note: Check back here for more snowboarding!


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