Snowboarding Moguls





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One of the few things I hate about snowboarding is riding moguls, but moguls are just one of those things every snowboarder has to learn.  I try to avoid moguls at all cost, because I injured my knee when I accidentally landed myself in some mogul terrain. Navigating moguls properly takes fast feet, soft knees, and a new turn. I was unaware of all three of these things when I landed myself in some treacherousness moguls at a high rate of speed.

The hardest part about moguls is being able to transition your turns quickly enough. If you can’t do heel to toe side turns with confidence and skill, then you shouldn’t be riding moguls yet. You really need to a solid foundation on making quick pivot turns before attempting moguls. Pivot turns are basically quick turns with your back leg and they simulate the same motion as a windshield wiper.  You can practice pivot turns in your kitchen or anywhere with a slick floor. Place a towel on the ground and place your back foot on the towel. Keep your front foot stationary and then swing your back foot around. Shift your weight forward at the start of the turn and then back at the end. Practice swinging your back foot around several times with your back foot on the towel and really try to get the feeling of shifting your weight with your back foot. It takes confidence to do pivot turns, so the practice will help you build up the confidence to try this up on the mountain.

Start by practicing pivot turns on a slight incline with very little speed. When i was learning pivot turns, I constantly kept thinking that I was going to catch my edge. The towel trick really helped me to build up my confidence. I really began to understand the motions of pivot turns and how to shift the weight in my back leg. After you master pivot turns, you can then test your new turn on moguls. When you begin moguls you need to remember to always get your knees soft and bouncy. You need to be able to absorb the the bumps and use your pivot turns to make it through the confined terrain. I recommend finding an easy line through the moguls and try keeping that line by using your new turns. The best way to keep the line is to spot at least one or two turns ahead. It takes a lot of practice to effectively hit moguls, but if you master moguls then other riders will know that your highly advanced. I hardly ever see snowboarders hit moguls, because moguls are really made for skiers. I’m actually envious of the snowboarders who can navigate moguls, because of the amount time and practice it takes to master  riding moguls.

The video below brought to you by the SnowProfessor will demonstrate how to hit moguls effectively and give you great tips on using pivot turns!

Final Note: Check back here, for more snowboarding!


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