The 5 Best Ski Resorts Near Reno




Decide the best ski resort for you then…Go Shred It!


1. Northstar 

Some people may argue with me on this one, but I believe Northstar has become the #1 ski resort near Reno. Others may say heavenly will always be the #1 spot to shred, but Northstar has been growing every year. Northstar is located in Truckee, California. It features an eye popping 7 terrain parks, along with a 420 ft. susperpipe, over 90 different ski slopes, and a vertical drop of 2,280 ft. The best part about Northstar is that it’s only 40 minutes away from Reno. Add another hour onto your trip to Northstar and that’s how long it will take you to get to Heavenly. This is why I put Northstar above Heavenly.


2. Heavenly

Don’t get me wrong, Heavenly will always be one my favorite places to shred. Heavenly is also one of the top locations in the country. It’s located in South Lake Tahoe, California and offers a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. It features several terrain parks, 94 different ski slopes, and a vertical drop of 3,500 ft. I simply wish I had the money to travel up there every weekend.


3. Alpine Meadows / Squaw Valley 

Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are now one. With Northstar and Heavenly joining up with Vail resorts it has caused others to join forces. This is a good thing! These resorts now offer you a great season pass that allows you to shred two of the best resorts near Reno. They also offer a great shuttle service, which allows you to shred both mountains.


4. Boreal

Whenever I hear the name Boreal, I instantly think of park. Boreal is one of the best resorts for riding terrain park. What many people don’t know about Boreal is that it’s one of the best places to learn how to snowboard. They offer a 1-2-3 Ski free program, which is suppose to train you from beginner to a life-long snowboarder in 1 season. They also offer night skiing, which is a big plus if you can’t make it up during the day. Don’t forget about Freakin’ Friday! College students and active military can ski/ride every Friday for only $15 bucks.


5. Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose is one of the oldest mountains near Reno  It opened back in 1964, and it still remains one of the best resorts. It’s just 25 minutes outside of Reno and is one of the best places to learn how to snowboard. Heck, that’s where I first learned! It features 2 terrain parks, 60 ski trails, and an 1,800 foot vertical drop.

Final Note: Now that you’ve rented your snowboard gear and you’ve picked the best ski resort. Check back for my next post where I’ll teach you the basics of snowboarding


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